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The Business of Film
Presented at the Film Arts Foundation, San Francisco

October 24, 2006

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This course provides an overview of the motion picture industry from a business perspective. Students will learn more about what it takes to raise money for feature and documentary projects from private investors. The dynamics of the studio system and its relationship with the world of independent film will also be discussed.


1. Overview of Film Distribution

- Theatrical exhibition
- Non-theatrical exhibition (viewing in airplanes, hotels, military bases and other facilities)
- Pay television
- Commercial television and cable networks
- Local commercial television stations

2. Introduction to Film Financing

- Studios, banks, and insurance companies
- Avenues available to independents
- Emergence of "soft money" financing

3. Developing a Film Business Plan

- Why create a film business plan?
- Questions to address in a film business plan
- Relationships between independent producers and film studios/distributors.

4. Questions & Answers about Film Financing

- Post your question about distribution, financing, film business plans, and related topics to Sharp Angle's Film Financing blog. This site also has a variety of resources for independent filmmakers.

STEVEN J. RAMIREZ - Consultant/Producer
Steven has held executive positions in marketing and distribution at Warner Bros., New Line, and Fox. He currently runs Sharp Angle, a management consulting firm serving entertainment and technology clients. He teaches a course on the film business at U.C. Berkeley Extension and is currently on the Board of FilmArts.

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