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Do you need a film business plan? How does it help?

The landscape for film finance has changed radically. Today, successful independent film producers must cobble together film financing from a variety of sources:

Private equity investors comfortable with film investing

Soft-money motion picture funding from U.S. state tax incentives

International film co-productions from the UK, Canada, EU, and elsewhere

Foreign territory pre-sales of film, video, DVD, television, and other distribution rights

Studio financing, production company backing, and distribution deals

A film business plan is most helpful for indie filmmakers who want to raise money from private investors. In financing a film, potential investors want to know that there is a strong producing team in place. They also want to feel confident that the filmmakers have a strategy for generating film revenues from a variety of distribution channels. A film business plan helps to deliver the information an investor will need to make a reasoned judgement.

Can a business consultant really write my plan?

Often, the producers of a movie are too close to it to objectively evaluate its prospects. We are strictly business and we have over 15 years of experience in film financing, distribution, and marketing. We'll fairly evaluate your project and help you to devise a business strategy that is data-driven and realistic. When you speak with investors, your proposal will be significantly stronger because it will be grounded with an objective marketplace assessment.

Private investors are just one source of film funding. A successful independent film producer will need to explore several options to raise the negative cost (film production budget) for a project. Before you can put your film into preproduction, producers will need to be as creative about the film's funding as they are about developing the script. Given our years of experience in film distribution, we bring new ideas about where to find funding to the table. Do you have to have film business experience to write an effective plan? See why we think film industry expertise makes a huge difference.

Can't I just use business plan software, why pay a consultant?

Generic approaches to developing a film business plan will generate generic results. Templates, prepackaged software, or using someone else's film business plan as a model are somewhat dangerous. While cheaper, they are unlikely to enable you to create a business plan that will respond to the unique needs of your independent film or the group of investors you plan to target. Worse, they give your project a "canned" feel. If you cannot make the effort to create a tailored plan, do you think investors are going to take your project seriously?

Producers who don't familiarize themselves with all of these film funding strategies may be leaving money on the table. Sharp Angle helps filmmakers to develop a movie business plan that takes advantage of each motion picture project's unique strengths.

Do you already have a business plan?

We'll help to validate your assumptions and help to identify independent film financing options that may otherwise get overlooked.

Please e-mail us now for more information.




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